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iconic long leash

Anyone who has ever wished they had an extra set of hands when walking their pup should look into our hands-free leash.

With this hands-free leash you do not give your pup more comfort, but also yourself.

Perro long leash 


The Perro long leash or hands-free leash is adjustable in 3 different lengths; short, middle and long. Adjustable for multiple occasions. Keep the leash short if you want to keep your dog close. Make the leash longer if you would like to give your pup more space.

The Perro long leash is our iconic essential for your daily walk. Also named the ‘hands-free leash’ due to the fact that you can wear this leash to keep your hands free. Wear it around your waist or around your shoulder to keep your hands free during your walk. 

Striking a balance between comfort and style

Wearable for multiple occasions, no need to sacrifice style during your walk. Adjustable in 3 different lengths and wearable in many ways. 

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  • 23 November 2021


    Appena arrivato per il mio piccolo Edoardo (regalo della zia Edda)… Meraviglioso 😍


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