Taupe Leather Bowtie


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Perro leather bowties are the ultimate in sophisticated luxury for your dog.
The finishing touch, easy to attach at your Perro collar, harness
or at your Perro leash.
Easy to attach with a small, sophisticated snap button.
Leather bowties are attachable at collars up to size 45.

The taupe leather bowtie is a perfect match with the Taupe Collection.

Only using the highest premium quality leather,
this Perro leather bowtie will stay beautiful with proper care.
You will receive your Perro dog bowtie in a beautiful gift box.
Also perfect as a gift!
All our leather bowties are handmade in Italy in our Perro atelier.

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One size leather bowtie.
Measurements: 7×4 CM.
Suitable for small and large dogs.
Easy to apply with snap button closure.
Attachable at collars up to size 45,
all sizes harnesses and leashes.

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