Measure your dog and follow our size chart before purchasing


Measure your dog around the neck. Do not calculate extra space

Follow our size chart and find the right size for your dog. If you are in between two sizes, choose the larger one. Size charts are available on every product page.


Measure your dog right behind the armpits, all around. Follow our size chart to find out what size your dog needs. Size charts are available on every product page.

If your dog is in between to sizes, choose the larger one. Do not calculate extra space, this is already calculated. We advise to match the width of your harness and leash. Do you purchase a harness in the 1,5 CM width? Choose a leash in 1,5 CM width. This way the width and the weight of the items are suitable for your dog. All size information you need you will find at our product pages.


Perro leather bowties are available in one size. No need to measure your dog! Easy to attach with a snap button closure.

Perro leather bowties are suitable for all items.* Easy to apply at your Perro collar, harness and/or leash. *The Perro leather bowtie is not applicable at collar size 55.


Choose between 4 different leashes

Most of our leashes are available in 4 different sizes. Short leashes and long, adjustable leashes. Match the width of your leash with the width of your dogs collar or harness.