How to take care of leather

How to take care of leather

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We want you to enjoy your leather goods for a lifetime. From the moment they are crafted, until they arrive in your arms, they need to be cared for properly.

With our leather guide, your most treasured pieces will look beautiful for years to come.  Here you'll find everything there is to know about leather care.

Leather care 

Looking after your leather goods starts with day-to-day care. By following just a few simple rules, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the life of your Perro accessories.

Leather is a skin, and it can stretch. Avoid extremely pulling the leash or extreme pressure on the leash in any kind of way.

Take extra care with Perro leather items you use every day. Take the time each week to wipe away dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.

Discover the Perro leather care set to condition your items and make them more resistant to water. 

Scratches can detract from a flawlessly crafted piece. Take care to avoid contact with sharp surfaces, do not let the leash drag on the floor or any harsh elements.

Wet leather requires extra care, so if rain is forecast, remember to take an umbrella. Do not let your dog swim with any item on from Perro Collection. We recommend to keep your Perro items dry.

Storing leather items

Storing your leather Perro item appropriately is one of the easiest ways

you can prevent damage and maintain a high-quality finish:

Store leather away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading.

Store leashes and other walk items in our Perro pouch or box to avoid scratches.

Avoid using plastic bags, they prevent good ventilation.

Store leather away from artificial sources of heat, e.g. radiators can cause leather to dry and crack.

If you prefer not to store your Perro items in our Perro pouch or box, keep them in a dry place and all points mentioned above, preferably flat or hanging.


Leather is loved for its visual nuances; When using such a versatile and multi-faceted material, the maintenance choices you make can shape the appearance of your leather goods for years to come.

All our collections are handcrafted. This means small imperfections can be shown.

Not one of the items will be exactly the same. We believe this is a charming aspect of our craftsmanship.


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